I was born and raised in Saint-Marc, Haiti. My earliest memory of art was from preschool when I was first introduced to playdough. The memories that I have from those early years are fairly vague, but I vividly remember molding the cold dough into some abstract shape. A few months ago, I was introduced to the digital art world and I have been fascinated by it ever since. My first digital art piece was in January 2019. When I am working on a piece and I am in my “zone”, my imagination goes wild! Time stops and it is just me and my creation. It is the most peaceful feeling. Art is my passion, and my ultimate goal is to give you a personal tour of my world. My inspiration comes from past experiences, present struggles, and the beautiful souls that I get the pleasure to meet on this earth. I will be posting my pieces on this website, as well as on my social media pages (@Art_Nehry). If you like what you see, show me some love!

I also do prints of personalized pieces. Please feel free to contact me. My email is ArtNehry@gmail.com.

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